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12-10-2011, 03:30 PM
2011 has seen walkouts in the NFL, NBA, Wall Street and in the past previous weeks, the WWE. What could have been an innovative and extended story turned into a confusing, rushed segment that led to no changes, swerves and a disappointing WWE Raw cliff-hanger. Several factors led to the walkout failure in what could have been a great storyline to follow.
Superstars Missing

At the initial walkout, the WWE locker room surrounded the ring and made their complaints to Triple H. Notably missing from the roster were John Cena and CM Punk. They explained their reasons on WWE Raw a week later and chose to stay, but the walkout would have been more impactful if they were present and left with the rest of the roster.

Nobody really cares if Primo walks out on WWE Raw, did anybody even know that he was still a part of the roster? John Cena would have had a big impact, especially on the young fans who still believe these stories are real.

After the walkout occurred, Triple H should have taken a step further. WWE Raw title holders like Alberto Del Rio and Air Boom should have been stripped of the straps if they chose to walkout. Instead, they appeared the next night on WWE Smackdown with titles in hand.

Fake Wrestlers

On this Monday's WWE Raw, Triple H mentioned wrestling a broomstick and there was a short match between Sheamus and John Cena, but they should have taken the walkout one step further.

Remember the days of Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon? WWE should have repeated that and used development stars as quick replacements like Ralph Ziggler, Alberto Del Taco or Kofi Queenston. Instead, the walkout ended within 10 minutes of the next episode, making it pointless.

Other novelties could have worked too. For example, a "fan" could have picked from the crowd to wrestle like Santino Marella first did. Triple H could have brought out an old friend like X-Pac to help compete. There were endless situations that could have propelled the two hours until the stars finally returned at the end of WWE Raw instead of a rushed resolution.

Rushed Pay Per Views

One of the main reasons for the rushed walkout was the rushed build up to the WWE Vengeance pay per view event. Instead of putting together a half-assed card, WWE should have just canceled this event months ago and left a multi-week build-up to The Rock's return at Survivor Series.

This would have helped the walkout make more sense and help build bigger feuds for the event. Instead fans will see Triple H and CM Punk team up when they could have joined The Rock and John Cena for a much bigger tag team event and tension-filled anticipation between the four stars.

Now instead of enjoying the walkout, I'll just walkout on ordering the next pay per view and wait for Survivor Series instead.

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13-10-2011, 02:26 AM
When I first started watching this weeks Raw last night I was excited about what was going to happen.
When the trio of Cena, Sheamus and Punk had their say and that improvised match started I was enjoying it!
Then before the match got really started it was stopped again and it went downhill from there.
I agree with the article, so much more could have been made of the situation and Laryngitis taking over from triple H was even more expected than Vicky shouting excuse me!
As soon as Michael Cole appeared and started shouting about how he caused it, I had to try hard not to switch it off. That man has become more annoying than catching herpes on your wedding day.X-(
To be honest I was glad to see JR get sacked, though not Cole's enjoyment of it. Not one of the Raw commentators really comments on the matches anymore, they are too busy arguing and spewing out crap in the background. I would sack all three of them and put in Josh Mathews with Booker T or William Regal and maybe a different guest retired wrestler on colour commentary every week?
That way it stays fresh, with actual experienced comments on the matches, instead of the usual 'does Vicky's bum look big in that' from Jerry Lawler. Her bum would look big in The Rocks huge gob, so enough said, get over it.

Non of the matches really amounted to much to be honest. If they looked like decent matches such as Mark Henry and Randy Orton, then they were destroyed by run in's and as I said weeks ago R Truth and Miz would be re hired by Laryngitis when he took over running Raw.
The WWE has never been so predictable as it is now because you just know that Kevin Nash will be back for "Revenge" on Triple H!
I really don't get it, as soon as it starts to look exciting one week, it disappointingly turns into cold porridge the next.
The article states that everything feels rushed and thrown together to fit in more ppv's than ever before. For us they get shown on Sky Sports 1 HD, so not even really ranking as a true ppv. I have seen them do something like this before, when the WWE is strapped for cash, so they make a big cheap pot of all in stew, then serve it in as many quick special shows masquerading as a ppv to bring a quick extra injection of cash from all the worldwide network rights.
It may help them in the short term, but it does nothing but harm to the quality of their shows! :mad:
After his last disappointing appearances on WWE events, I hope they are not relying too heavily on The Rock to boost ratings because I actually don't want to see him at Wrestlemania.
He has been too long out of the ring and there is much more exciting younger more deserving talent around who should be built up!

Quote of the week for me was from Hunter to Johnny Ar$e when he asked him, "how good are you at picking up your teeth with broken fingers?"
As menacing putdowns go, that is pure class. :hyst:

13-10-2011, 04:40 PM
That is two story lines that have resulted in disappointing endings now. CM Punk storyline could have led to so much more! It's a shame because WWE seem to start great story lines then end them poorly.

Great post Diablo. Although you know where I stand with JR I still like him :)

13-10-2011, 10:09 PM
I actually have nothing against JR, its just that he has got old and a bit rambling (much like me), so I think they need younger more dynamic commentators, who can keep up with the in ring action better and give a blow by blow account in an enthusiastic style.
Which in turn promotes excitement and carries the audience along with it?

JR used to have Laryngitis's job as head of talent relations, so maybe he has been "fired" to let him take over that job again?
While Johnny Ar$e gets on with sabotaging Raw? :-"

13-10-2011, 11:00 PM
I actually have nothing against JR, its just that he has got old and a bit rambling (much like me)

Thats why we love you! lol

I get where you're coming from. Maybe if he had a younger guy with him to help him along? Maybe I'm clutching onto straws here and need to let go of the past.

P.S. I wouldn't replace you with someone younger ;)

14-10-2011, 12:55 AM
P.S. I wouldn't replace you with someone younger ;)

Oh god I would! :(

Me 25 years younger and 4 stone lighter. pmsl