View Full Version : iCade iPad arcade cabinet something for you retro gamers

08-06-2011, 05:57 PM
As an iPad accessory, it's a lot smaller than those behemoth cabinets of old, but the styling is very much of a retro nature. Bright, bold colours and designs adorn the casing, making it look the business without the any of the impracticality.
What really matters is what it does, and although its looks are enough to have any retro gamer smiling like a particularly happy Cheshire cat, you will be glad to know it is actually designed to let you play arcade games on your iPad with 'proper' controls. None of that touch-based stuff.
There are two sets of four buttons, and a traditional joystick to ensure your Atari gaming can be at its best when playing Daisy Duke's hot pants or Battlestar Galactica.
Game packs of four can be bought for 79p, making them fairly reasonable. Alternatively, just go crazy and spend ?7.99 on all 200.
Can other games make use of the iCade?
Technically, yes. There is an API to allow developers to integrate a physical control system within their games. In theory, it could be applied to games already released as well as forthcoming titles.
So what does the iCade arcade cabinet cost? ?79.99. It sounds like a lot but a quick glance in the box reveals what looks like very sturdy materials,Guess it depends on whether you spent your youth slotting coins into your local arcade machines or not.
The iCade will be available from Firebox for the June 22, 2011.

09-06-2011, 05:02 AM
What a clever idea.
I think if it could play old Playstation, Nes, Snes and games like that, probably through emulaters, that could be a winner?