View Full Version : 19.2 E: started a 3D Astra HD demo channel

25-05-2011, 09:35 AM
In Europe, the Astra satellite system at 19.2 Wed east, was today launched two demo broadcast channels in HD and 3D Technology - 3D demo Sisvel and Astra 3D demo . Both broadcast FTA .

The channel position Astra 3D demo found in the samples from the three-dimensional image content ( 3DTV ). At the time of publishing text, audio was not available. Parameters: Service ID: 5226, Video PID: 33 Audio PID: Not screened.

Program position Sisvel 3D demo only broadcast HD content on the 3D technology. The program is broadcast in Italian with audio in AAC format. Parameters: Service ID: 5225, Video PID: 35 Audio PID 37th

Technical parameters - Astra 3D demo Sisvel 3D demo:

* Astra 1KR ( 19.2 ? E ) freq 11.023 GHz, pol H SR 22000, FEC 5 / 6, DVB-S/QPSK

Besides these two programs in a multiplex broadcast station AB Channel (Italy) and RTS SAT and Radio Belgrade (Serbia).