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18-04-2011, 10:41 AM
Found this and thought for the money it is a good buy
googled it and it`s had some good reviews
But as with most flat screen tvs and this is flat,the sound is not that good,better hooked up to an av amp
"As brilliant in action as it is on paper, this is the best LG TV we've yet seen." Not our words but those of What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine.

What most impressed What Hi-Fi magazine was the LG 47LE8900's picture quality. With Full LED backlighting, this comes as little surprise. Full LED works by individually lighting sections of the screen, rather than just the edges or the whole screen. This gives far greater control of the lightest and darkest sections and goes some way to explaining the exceptional contrast ratio of 9,000,000:1! In addition, this LG 47LE8900 comes with 200HzTruMotion. 200Hz TruMotion increases the frame count and, as a result, gives much smoother motion flow. Ideal for sport and action film, you'll notice less blur and enhanced detail with fast moving images. With a response time of just 2.2 m/s the 47LE8900 is one of the fastest to respond in its class. This makes it more responsive when gaming and also helps reduce motion blur - especially when used alongside the 200Hz TruMotion technology. Over all this TV really does have class-leading quality. In fact, so impressive is the picture quality that it didn't just impress us; cinema gurus THX, have approved the display as meeting their exacting standards.

When experiencing such an impressive picture quality, we would really recommend a separate sound system to match. As standard, the LG 47LE8900 uses an invisible speaker system with Clear Voice II and LG's Infinite Sound. The 47LE8900 sounds crisp and precise. Furthermore, the 10w + 10w power output gives it enough drive to fill larger rooms, too. Just don't expect to be as impressed by the sound as you are the picture!

With a Freeview HD tuner on board, you can make the most of the LG's HD screen. Fast spreading around the country, Freeview HD gives you access to the main TV stations in glorious High Definition. In terms of connections, the 47LE8900 has everything you'd expect plus more besides. Perhaps best of all is NetCast. NetCast brings the best of the Internet, via apps, directly to your TV. Simply connect the 47LE8900 to your home network via the Ethernet cable or use an optional wireless dongle and you'll have access to sites such as YouTube without the need to turn on your computer. Also standard is a Bluetooth connector; perfect for wireless connection of digital media or Bluetooth headphones. Four HDMI sockets allow for the connection of 4 High Definition sources, such as an HD-TV box, PS3, HD camcorder and Blu-ray. In addition to all this, the 47LE8900 boasts two USB connections. This lets you watch digital media from your camera or phone and is even compatible with HD DivX.

It's a truly impressive performer but then there's also the razor sharp Infinia styling to consider. The sleek, seamless front, complete with a set of invisible speakers makes this TV look very slick. With a depth of just 34.5mm it's also very slim. That and the single layer, front panel screen disguise the bulk of the TV. Combined with the glass stand, this is one smart TV that's bound to be the focus of any room.

First rate picture with a five-star award to match, the LG 47LE8900 is not just one of the best LG TVs to date it's also one of the very best at its price, period.

11-12-2011, 11:08 PM
What tv would you recommend now?

11-12-2011, 11:16 PM
I wouldn't even waste your time and effort replying lost, all he done was posted then went straight for the codes :fryingpan: