View Full Version : iPad 2 announcement confirmed by Apple for March 2nd

23-02-2011, 08:01 PM

The second generation iPad has been talked about even before the original iPad hit the stores. Even if you hated Apple you was slightly impressed about what this device has done in the tech world. I always said "you know your doing something right when everyone is trying to copy you" and we seen that with the tablet market. There was not much of a tablet market until the iPad showed up and changed the game. Everyone knew that Apple was gonna make a second iPad with tons of improvements and March 2nd will be the day. We will find out which rumors are true and which ones are just pure internet bull****. We can expect this new iPad to be lighter, faster, dual camera and a mini display port. In the teaser image above it looks like you can see the SD card slot thats also been rumored.