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22-11-2010, 05:12 PM
Imagine a game console the size and thickness of two iPhones stacked one atop the other, that can serve up nearly any computer game with high definition clarity, sips just 6 watts of power, and costs just $99 (?61).
Meet the OnLive MicroConsole, the next salvo in OnLive's plan to sell "gaming in the cloud" to the masses. It's a set top box for your TV, comes with a wireless gamepad and a free game you can choose once you've logged in, qualifies as unanticipated and potentially serious competition for Microsoft and Sony's consoles, and it's available on December 2. In fact you can pre-order it now.
What's more, instead of downloading multi-gigabyte demos, OnLive lets you sample any game for up to 30 minutes of playtime. Load times? Instantaneous,The upcoming MicroConsole should please environmentalists, drawing a minuscule 6 watts of power. By contrast, a slimline Xbox 360 uses between 70 (idling) and 90 (playing) watts of power. A slimline PlayStation 3 uses about the same. And as noted above, it's insanely small. If you didn't know better, you'd think it was a USB hub, with it's two frontside USB ports bounding a slight rectangular power button. Flip it around, and you'll see the engineers managed to cram an HDMI port, analogue audio out, optical audio out and the RJ45 ethernet jack. That's it. The gamepad's wireless. No strings attached.
The only two caveats remain the occasional drops in visual fidelity when your internet service lags and with the MicroConsole, the fact that you'll need to run an ethernet cable to wherever your HDTV's situated

22-11-2010, 10:23 PM
Now that sounds really interesting!
The only catch is likely to be the cost of the monthly subscription?