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31-01-2010, 11:16 AM
The trouble with the Commando 11.3 release last August was that it didn't have the scripts and menus for Online / Manual Updates, an idea that didn't ocurr to us until two months later.
Which meant this stuff had to be added manually (in the form of an Upgrade tarball), then installed via a Telnet session, to get the image to 11.3.07 standard.
A lot of the less-experienced users found this procedure too difficult. So we've listened to feedback and decided that instead of a C11.3.12 Update, we will start everyone off afresh with a brand new Commando 12 Image! FTA-only. no cams, roms.keys, services, bouquets.
What's new?

Latest kernel
LZMA-UPX compression on the whole image. Over 3.6mb Free Space!
1x and 2x versions (as Image Converter cannot be used on this format)
New Add-On packs included for manual install (see the readme in there)
New set of Online Add-Ons available for dboxes connected to the web
New default DNS (google-public) to help users connect dbox to web!
IDE-HDD support is now only for the recommended XFS format
IDE-HDD Menu given a serious (tested) makeover by LraiZer
New Show / Hide Channel Zapping History toggle under Blue > Blue
Fixed bug in Std EPG Mode peculiar to ntl pure region only
Fixed bug in Auto Scan housekeeping when plugin Reboot used
Un-Install Add-Ons Menu now common to Modules and Goodies
Plus all of the features already found in Commando 11.3.11
No readme- coz nobody ever reads it anyway...
Thanks as always to T-C Quality Control Dept (LraiZer and FreddyFr0g) for all their testing, suggestions, and solid input!!
Ongoing support for Commando 12 will be in the form of simple Manual and/or Online Updates - which will be compatible with both 1x and 2x boxes.
Please post any feedback using the link below.
To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. Manual Update to version 12.1.1 - 02 Feb 2010
Fix: Brute Force Scan not working. Credits to Cydine, and thanks for the fast and 100% effective repair, m8!
Instructions- the simplest EVER, included in a readme. This manual update is for you guys who cannot, or will not, connect your C12 dbox to the web. For those who have- just click on 'Online Updates' in the System Menus.
These updates are NOT for peeps still running C11.3.11 or earlier!! Reflash with Commando 12 please, then update...

Enjoy! Cheers- Renwich and PaphosAL :dinner: