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09-11-2009, 09:28 AM
This department is intended for C11.3 users who have already applied the C11.3.07 Upgrade we released on Saturday 7th November 2009, or later versions.

However! ### If you are running C11.3 but haven't yet upgraded, then the latest Upgrade package is attached below for you- Commando-11-3-11-upgrade.rar - see the readme enclosed, please! ###

For users who have already upgraded, there are various options on keeping your dBox2 C11.3 Image bang up to date:

1) Users whose dboxes are connected online-

press Blue > Blue > Image Add-Ons / Updates > Yellow > Red

If your Image is already the latest, a message will tell you so. If an Update is needed, you can download and install it. Takes under 2mins, including the essential auto-reboot.

2) For Manual updaters (dbox NOT online):

check the top line of /var/etc/version.xml to see if your image is the latest version. The Current Version attached below is:

11-3-11 (Dec 31st 2009)

If your Image is earlier than this, download the update-C11-3-11.rar package attached, and extract the file update.tar.bz2 from it. Then, FTP this file 'AS-IS' to the /tmp folder on your dBox2.

press Blue > Blue > Image Add-Ons / Updates > Yellow > Green to Install the update.

All jolly good fun!! Cheers- Renny and AL :2drink:

ps: and megathanks to Gazer and his loyal team for agreeing to this concept, where this thread will be constantly updated!

__________________________________________________ ___________

Latest developments:

v11.3.11 Update; 95% of which must be dedicated to LraiZer's cutting-edge input, thanks! (*)

Last Epg Filter fix still flakey (not his fault, but ours- due to iffy testing!). He fixes 100% and feature is removed as a (confusing) Plugin, and is now embedded 'intelligently' in the System Menu (Blue > Blue), thanks to a spectacular piece of shell scripting (*)

SysInfo is moved from Services to the Extras Menu, as a proper Menu under Softcams and uCodes (*); SysInfo sub-menu titles also tidied up. New 'Memory and Processes' item gives more info on Memory useage now. (*)

uCode Menu also improved, with a proper active popup now for 'Reboot- Yes/No?' if changing uCode. (*)

Infobar colour buttons given a nice makeover! Press Yellow when watching something for a sampler. (*)

EPG Preferences Menu made more robust. If no user Bouquets yet exist, (or applying the upgrade/update) the image will automatically start up in 1 Day Standard VM EPG Mode (the only option that will actually function correctly, without bouquets present!). The EPG menus also react to this scenario, by hiding certain EPG Options until such time as bouquets.xml is found safe and well. A temporary 'Help' menu appears in place of the real menus, guiding the noob user on what to do...

Superb new ultra-simple Services > Backup/Flash Menu. Noob-proof!! (*)

EPG Preferences Menu given a major overhaul, thanks to upgrades to sectionsd, with optimized 'Now and Next' and 'Long EPG' timings, plus Memory mapping tweaks, all resulting in vastly improved EPG stability and full content (*). As well as leaving more scope for the 'Long Descriptions' than before! It's so different in fact, that we have to start you off in a new basic 'safe' EPG Mode in the update. Easy enough to switch modes afterwards... You'll love it.

FreddyFr0g input: Automount users will find their environment changes from /var/automount to /tmp/automount - this avoids an Image reflash scenario, if the settings are dicky and the image becomes Read-Only by filling up the /var Partition. The new setup just requires a reboot if things go tits-up!

Also attached: cosmetics.rar - an alternative set of LCD Clock Fonts to play with, plus LraiZer's new rectangular 3D Colour buttons for the Menus! See the little readme included with this, please!

Renny, AL, (and Cydine, LraiZer, and Freddy). All the best for 2010 peeps! <!-- / message --><!-- attachments --> :thumbup2:
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18-11-2009, 06:38 PM
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