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14-06-2009, 10:51 PM
Commando 11 - The End

New features Overview:

Auto VM-style Bouquet Creator in Scan Menu (by cydine):
+ Mimics the Virgin bouquets groupings
+ Channel ordering in VM (default) or A-Z sequence
+ Scan settings dynamic- no reboot needed
+ Ultra-quick Fast Scan- just over 3 minutes!
Latest Tri-mode sectionsd (by FreddyFr0g):
+ 7 Day EPG on channels 1-90 (no epg filters needed)- default
+ Common epgfilters for Standard VM and Selective 7 Day EPG
+ Ready-made filters for all three areas- area menu selectable.
+ EPG menus now show which EPG mode is currently active.
Set My Location- no reboot now needed!
UK format LCD Standby Clock / Date (by LraiZer):
+ Fri 12 Jun instead of the old German-style FR,12.Jun
+ Pulsing semi-colon in the Clock
Simplified 'nationwide' Daily Timers for long EPG auto loading
New Telnet Welcome screen- check it out
Fast Image Back-up facility in System menu

please refer to the illustrated PDF document included in the image rar file for
screenshots and full descriptions of all these tasty new features!

* To conserve space, the boot ani/sound features are now removed.
* FTA only- no keys, no roms, no softcams, no problems. Rules are rules...
* Image is 2x format, but being JFFS2- easily converts to 1x for some sagems
* Telnet and FTP access are password protected. Read the PDF to find it!