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This tutorial is based on stuff I picked here and there from Internet. Files, images, everything was made by other than me. If you like this tutorial, don?t thank me, thank Google and those who really did this material.
Turn off WiiConnect24 and never update your Wii anymore. The main purposes of Wii Updates are to prevent hacking so I believe you?re not interested. Internet channel will still work.
2-What?s needed
b.Wii remote
c.SD card
d.Wii Zelda Twilight Princess game (original, not a copy)
http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/tutorial_files/image004.jpg 3-Determine you firmware version
a.On your wii
b.open the 'Wii Options' Menu ('Wii' round button on the lower left corner)
c.Click 'Wii Settings'
d.Look on the upper right corner for your version. In this example, the version is 3.1U
e.Write your firmware version here:___________________________________ 4-Turn off WiiConnect24
Before softmodding your Wii it would be a good idea to turn off your WiiConnect24. It will prevent Nintendo from sending you updates and blocking your softmod. If you leave the Internet settings, you will still be able to browse with your Internet Channel.
a.open the 'Wii Options' Menu ('Wii' round button on the lower left corner)
b.Click 'Wii Settings'
c.Move to the second page
d.Click on WiiConnect24
e.Click on WiiConnect24
http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/tutorial_files/image012.jpg (http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/Image:WiiConnect24Off2.jpg)
f.Turn it off
http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/tutorial_files/image014.jpg (http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/Image:WiiConnect24Off.jpg)
5-Prepare your SD card
a.Extract the BackupLoaderInstaller.zip file if it?s not already done. You should now see a folder named ?data? and a file named ?install.bat?.
b.Double click on the install.bat
c.Refer to the section 2 to determine you firmware versionType ?O? (no quote) for old firmware and ?N? for new firmware
d.Refer to the section 3 to determine the region of you Wii firmware
Type ?J? (no quote) for Japan version, ?U? for USA and ?P? for European Pal
e.If you need to uninstall old/obsolete channels, copy obsolete wad files to your SD card.
These files are old and unnecessary except for uninstallation purpose.http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/tutorial_files/image017.gif
f.Check where your SD card is mounted. If it?s mounted as drive E:, write ?E? (no quote and no colon)http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/tutorial_files/image018.gif
g.If your SD card is already FAT16 formatted, you can say no (type ?N?). If you don?t know or if your SD card is FAT32 (or any other file system), say Yes (type ?Y?). Caution: if you say YES, your card will be formatted and all your data will be lost.
h.That?s it, your SD card is ready 6-Install Homebrew Channel via Twilight Hack
a.Look at this Youtube demo if you need confidence: YouTube - wiibrew.org Twilight Hack (To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. b.Put your SD card into your Wii
c.If you have never played Zelda, start it and create a save file.
d.Exit Zelda
e.Open the 'Wii Options' Menu ('Wii' round button on the lower left corner)
f.Click on Data Management
g.Click on Save Data
h.Click on Wii
i.Locate the Zelda save, click on it and click 'Erase'
j.Click on the SD Card tab (uper right corner of your screen)
k.Click on the twilight Hack save and click 'Copy'
l.Click back until you reach the Home menu
m.Start Zelda
n.Load the saved game
Note for USA users:
Additionally, you need to determine the correct save slot to load once inside Twilight Princess. The easiest way to check your version is to compare the text string which is on the inner cycle of the data surface of your Zelda: Twilight Princess game disc with the ones below. If you have firmware version 3.4 and you pick the wrong one, you will have to start over to the first step of the Twilight hack installation (Play Zelda and so on).

Inner Circle Text

Save Slot







o.Move the character backward. The screen below should appear. If the game hangs, read the Note for USA users above.
p.Press the ?1? button on your wii remote to confirm and follow on screen instructions Once finished, Homebrew channel is installed
q.Your homebrew channel is now installed.
http://wiiguide.micklemuckle.0lx.net/tutorial_files/image027.jpg 7-Install the Backup Launcher Channel
a.Click on your new Homebrew Channel
b.Press Start
c.Click on Wad Manager and select Load
d.Press A to confirm
e.Press A to load from SD card and display available wad files
f.Additional steps for Wii firmware 3.4
i.Move the cursor beside ios16.wad with the up and down control of your Wii remote.
ii.Press on the ?+? button of your Wii remote
iii.Wait and DON?T shut down your Wii. Just wait.
iv.When finished, press A to go back to the list of wad files
v.Press on the Home button of your Wii remote (the blue house).
vi.Open the Homebrew Channel and press Start
vii.Click on Wad Manager for IOS16
g.Move the cursor beside cIOS249-IOS36-rev07.wad with the up and down control of your Wii remote.
h.Press on the ?+? button of your Wii remote
i.Wait and DON?T shut down your Wii. Just wait.
j.When finished, press A to go back to the list of wad files
k.Move the cursor beside BackupLauncher_03g_Wiiish_v2_EN.wad and press the ?+? button
l.Wait, don?t shut down your Wii and press A when finished
m.Press on the Home button of your Wii remote (the blue house).
n.That?s it. Everything is installed 8-Backup Games
If you want to preserve the quality of your game discs, here is how you can backup them. You should only backup games you own. The backup will take approximately 2 hours to complete (for a Wii Single-Layer game)
a.Click on your new DVD Dumper channel
b.Select the dump method SD, USB or Wi-Fi
c.Select the disc type. Select Wii Single-Layer unless you need to backup Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the only Dual-Layer disc until now
d.Insert the game into your Wii.
e.Press A to confirm
f.Backup through Wi-Fi connection
i.You will see your Wii URL. Write it down on a paper.
ii.Go back to your computer
iii.Open your Web Browser (like Internet Explorer)
iv.Type you wii URL into the address bar
v.Select Save ISO and save it on your computer. 9-Burn Games
It is always a good idea to remove updates from your games before using them.
Updates may affect Homebrew Channel and/or Backup Launcher Channel.
a.Open the included WiiBrickBlocker application.
b.Click on the Browse button and pick your game (iso file)
c.Click on the ?Patch? button and wait until it?s finished. Your iso file will be patched. No copy or backup will be created (it?s not necessary).
d.Open your favorite burning tool (I prefer Nero Express)
e.Burn DVD from existing image file and select your iso file. In my example it would be wiimusic.iso. 10-Load copied games
a.Insert a copied game into your wii
b.Start the backup launcher channel
c.Click on Start
11-Load Homebrew applications (home-made applications)
Homebrew are home-made free applications. The Homebrew browser is like the Wii Shop Channel, but filled with a huge selection of free applications. When you select one, it is automatically downloaded and installed to your SD Card. Your Wii has to be connected to Internet like with the Wii Shop Channel.
a.Make sure your internet connection is properly configured but leave WiiConnect24 turned off as always
b.Make sure your SD card is inserted into your Wii
c.Start Homebrew channel
d.Select Homebrew Browser
e.Browse the available applications
f.Click on the ?About? button to get more information
g.Click on the ?Download? button to download an automatically install it to your SD card.
h.The downloaded application will appear in the Homebrew Channel 12-Update a channel you already have
I always suggest to delete the channel before updating it. Always keep the wad file of each and every channel you install because you need this file to delete the channel. This AIO kit contains old wad files in the ?Obsolete_Channels? folder. To copy them to your SD card, run install.bat and say ?Y? when you are asked if you want to copy obsolete files.
a.Click on Homebrew Channel
b.Press Start
c.Click on Wad Manager and select Load
d.Press A to confirm
e.Press A to load from SD card and display available wad files
f.Move the cursor beside the wad file of the old channel you want to remove with the up and down control of your Wii remote.
g.Press on the ?-? button of your Wii remote
h.Wait and DON?T shut down your Wii. Just wait.
i.When finished, press A to go back to the list of wad files
j.Move the cursor beside the wad file of the new channel you want to install with the up and down control of your Wii remote.
k.Press on the ?+? button of your Wii remote
l.Wait and DON?T shut down your Wii. Just wait.
m.When finished, press A to go back to the list of wad files
n.Press on the Home button of your Wii remote (the blue house).
Not my work!
This is purely for educational purposes,if you have a Wii go buy the games.

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Not sure if this is the same col just found it

04-07-2009, 04:35 PM
@ DD it all helps ;)

05-07-2009, 01:36 PM
I am going to try this one out and report back.

21-11-2009, 11:45 PM
much as thats a fantastic post collider me no understand?

can places "mod" them for you??

22-11-2009, 12:03 AM
Yea sure lainine and tbh this method is old now in the ways of softmodding wii,il pm you ;)

07-01-2010, 02:05 PM
I used DessertDogs "Dummy" method on my jap wii and it was a whole lot easier than the twighlight and bannerbomb (used both methods on different wiis) on the pal wii's.
I would recommend the "Dummy" version for newbies as you don't even have to drag files and apps to your SD card.
The .bat file in the dummy guide does it all for you.

10-02-2010, 12:04 PM
Here is the NEW version of the Dummy Guide.
Dummy guide 4.1

25-10-2011, 06:05 PM
The soft mod guides here are out of date, now in october 2011, any wii with any firmware can be soft modded with the "letter bomb" exploit. No game is needed, just a SD card, you put the letter bomb on the sd and then go to the wii message board, look at messages for yesterday of day before and the wii will crash, letting the letter bomb code run. Then you can install homebrew channel and any custom ios that you want.

25-10-2011, 11:17 PM
Slinky did you want to do a tutorial on how to do the letter bomb hack and then i will sticky it so that its up to date? I dont know very much about the wii as most people will know as im more the 360 front lol If you could help out that would be brilliant and appreciated if you could find the time to point people in the right direction.

26-10-2011, 11:15 AM
I see dirty dave has seen my post and done a tutorial, he has gave it its own thread called wii letterbomb mod, it looks like a good tutorial, if anyone needs any more help I could still do a step by step guide

26-10-2011, 06:58 PM
Thanks for pointing us in the right direction slinky and thanks to dirty dave for sorting the tut out so i have stickied the other one now so we are up to date :)