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09-07-2006, 05:08 PM
World-of-Digital Rules

Thank you and welcome to The World of Digital Forums, please have a read though the rules, we don't have many but The World of Digital Admin insists that all members read the rules carefully, and abide by them at all times. For your security never use your password from other sites.
The moderators are here to help with any issues whenever possible. Please respect their judgement, and please allow for human error, mistakes can happen. Any team decision is final!
The following are not permitted on the forum, and any breach of these can result in either a warning and or a ban, repeat offender will be permanently banned.

No discussions on card sharing in any shape or form is allowed on here, so you have been warned
No cable or satellite images that contain keys and or softcams.
Selling illegal products or services
Selling of Cable boxes, inc Dream/dbox or modems.
Using the pm system to advertise or spam members.
You cannot post links to any forum, website or other online service of a similar nature to this site.
Direct links to forums or websites, which are of adult & pornographic nature, or contain illegal software, are prohibited.
Under no circumstances will we allow codes, serial numbers or keygens to be posted on the forum.
Offensive avatars or links regarding creed, colour or religion will not be tolerated on this forum.
Abuse of members regarding creed, colour or religion will not be tolerated on this forum.
Trading of legal goods between members is done so at their own discretion. World of Digital does not accept responsibility for any losses suffered.

Creating more than one account will result in all of your accounts being disabled and access to the site permanently revoked, so please don't do it You will only get one warning! After that, you're gone!

1 post is required before you can see or download any files or access some forums, please do not spam, or post rubbish, (we have a thanks button and an edit button ) we want you to be active contributors to this community
Posts consisting of less than 25 characters wont be counted as a post and may be removed.

Conditions (which if found) excluded from the rules that could bring this forum into disrepute or be compromised will be managed separately.

Please do not request, or offer

Any form of pirated material. This includes links to torrents, or FTP address's.
Please keep all cable related question in the cable section.
In general the shoutbox is for idle chit chat. Please do not spam the shoutbox with needless 'smilies' just for the sake of it, enjoy and use them as intended.
Do not try to sell services or hardware to individuals on our forums.
Exception: If you own a company and want to run a special discount or promotion for software or Hardware for our forum members in your shop, contact a member of our Team.

Now that's the legal stuff out of the way..............Enjoy
The World-of-digital Team