View Full Version : Alone In The Dark

10-08-2008, 11:41 AM
I purchased this game a short while ago and whilst my machine meets all the requirements, the game would not start.

Spec: Vista Premium
Intel Quad Core Q6600
4GB Ram
Nvidia GT8800 512MB
Realtek HD Audio

The first problem I encountered was the game starting and then failing. This transpired to be the Stereo setting of the sound. Changing it from 5.1 to stereo allowed the game to start. The next problem was the game would no freeze from anything from 10 seconds in upto 1 minute.

As atari support is none existent I was going to take the game back, but decided not to and purchased the muchly recommended Soundblaster X-FI.

In a word problem solved.

My advice... If you don't want to have to spend ?50 on a new soundcard, dont invest in this game yet.