View Full Version : wharfedale hd ready tv has gone mad!!!

24-07-2008, 02:24 PM
i have had my wharfedale lcd tv for around 2 years without a problem but yesterday when i went to use my ps3 it started to run its display settings, after it had done this it told me that my max display was only 720x576, when i selected any other res the tv just displayed the words out of range in the bottom corner.
i know the tv will run on a res of 1080p, well it used to.
i also have had a problem with multiple pictures on the screen with the colours split.
any ideas what is wrong with the tv would be great, if it turns out to be repairable reasonably cheap then thats what i'll do but if its just gonna work out easier to replace the set then i'll do that.
all help and advice greatly appreciated

24-07-2008, 10:11 PM
my first though is DUST!
thus the beasty is now overheating, esp this last few days.
take its clothes off and use a sash brush and a hoover around the vents.
or if you are not that brave, just use the hoover from outside.
but if you can see lots of dust and fluff inside by looking with a torch, i'd get it out pronto!

my next suggestion would be to look on the net for the factory reset command key sequence
and do that.

you have ofcourse, done the obvious and changed the remotes batteries haven't you.
might sound strange, but i've know config problems like this caused by dicky remotes transmitting srewy codes when low on battery voltage before.

a good test would be to put the remote in another room & see if the TV still plays up [just use the side buttons.

see how you get on


07-08-2008, 03:13 PM
i tried all of the things you mentioned but unfortunatly 2 no avail, luckly for me the tv had a little "accident" involving one of the kids and a new set is now on its way from the insurance company.
thanks for your help