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05-07-2006, 09:19 PM
Has anyone came across the channel Fil4+1?

So far I've came across this 1 plus another 3 channels, these 3 are not identified and as Fil4+1 display "this service is currently scrambled"

Just curious if anyone knows what they are or are going to be?

06-07-2006, 04:48 PM
Many test channels can be put on the cable network, but also there are duplicate channels for when they close down 1 position and launch another!

e.g just hyperthetical!!

sky 1 = transponder20 freq 452.000

They need to add 5 channels to transponder 20 and move sky 1 to fit on network properly.

so sky1 old position evenutally becomes dead and an channel error!
If you rescanned you'd pick up the new position for e.g

sky1 = Transponder24 freq = 553.000

What you could be seeing is either new test channels, or new positions being prepared before they plan a move.

Only other possibility is there going VOD or Video On Demand.

All the channels we can get are NVOD or Near video on demand.
VOD is a new system and works via the interactive buttons (RED, BLUE etc)
to order and is a 2 way tracking system. There is methods to receive these
film channels but fingerprints are left and is much more risky in my opinion.

hope this helps!