View Full Version : Trinity_Gadget [FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS ]

18-07-2008, 07:12 PM
Blueboy's final image in his Atomic trilogy

this is not my work all credit to the original creator

Contains no Camds, ROMs or KEYS, this image is FTA only

No support will be given to make this image clear encrypted channels, the image creator does not condone it, and has not created it for illegal use

Not released on this forum before. AFAIK


Reduced flash menu

SYSinfo menu

Infobar Picicons

UK cables.xml

UK Zapit and sectionsd

Fastscan available

you can disable Audio Narrator

Show BER, SNR, SIG on infobar

Crypt icons on InfoBAR

7 Day EPG


HDD support

UK Y-Web

WOD Radio

all in all a very feature rich image