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18-07-2008, 07:19 PM
<_>-<_>-<_>-<| B A S I C S |>-<_>-<_>-<_>

- CVS-Stand 05/11/2007 (see Mailing List Archives for updates)
- busybox v1.7.2
- U-Boot 1.2.0 (squashfs 3.0 Lzma)
- Linux
- YWeb 2.5.1 - commando
- nhttpd 3.1.0

<_>-<_>-<_>-<| C H A N G E L O G |>-<_>-<_>-<_>\

- Fixed Gemman Clock in standby
- Fixed MP3 defaut to gun
- Added Server Menu
- Added more ifs in rcS and start to obay Server Menu
- Renamed EPG Cache (days) to TuxText Cache (Misc > General)
- Renamed xpensive to Expanded (Misc > EPG Info)
- Fixed FTP Password in Servers & Interfaces.
- Fixed nhttd Password in Servers & Interfaces
- Fixed PMT Update duplicated (Servers & Interfaces and Driver / Boot)
- LCD EPG no longer needs reboot to activate it.
- Renamed Driver & Boot Options to Driver Options
- Renamed Driver& Boot to Drivers
- Renamed Web Interface to Web Server (yWeb)
- Renamed Servers / Interfaces to Servers / Boot
- Changed Server Menu to be alphabetical
- Updated yweb (Das Image wurde erstellt to Image successfully created)
- Updated nhttpd.conf to use commando as the default password
- Fixed Ucode / Driver Menu to save settings in neutrino.conf

- Extra / Advanced Menu Added
- Personalization Menu
- IDE Menu re cooked
- Set My Locations menu embeded into neutrino
- SoftCams / **** menu embeded into neutrino
- Drivers / uCodes menu embeded into neutrino
- Driver / Boot Menu now contains on/off for (nhhtpd, boot info, LCD-EPG,
Animation, Play MP3) on boot
- Audioplayer LCD navigation
- Audioplayer added album pic support (Artist - Album - Front.bmp)
needs to be 8bit / 180 Colors / 720x57 or less
- smbfs redone
- ****loads more that we forgotten about

- setmyloc gui
- Renamed "Scan transponder" to "Scan Transponder" --> english.local

- Upgraded msgbox from 1.60 to 1.62
- Moved msgbox from /var/bin/msgbox to /bin/msgbox
- Removed msgbox symlink /var/plugins/msgbox
- Upgraded MGcamd from v1.10 to v1.22
- Added /var/etc/versions
- Updated "Softcam / uCode / ***** ***" to read /var/etc/versions
- Added /var/bin to export PATH - all items now in /var/bin can be called direct
- Renamed "Boarder" to "Border" --> english.local
- Renamed "Read one partition" to "Backup One Partition" --> english.local
- Renamed "Write one partition" to "Flash One Partition" --> english.local
- Renamed "Software Update" to "Image Upgrade / Backup" --> english.local
- Updated recording.start to point to lcd_epg.sh instead of /var/plugins/lcd_epg.sh
- Updated recording.end to point to lcd_epg.sh instead of /var/plugins/lcd_epg.sh
- Updated pictureviewer.Start to point to lcd_epg.sh instead of /var/plugins/lcd_epg.sh
- Updated pictureviewer.end to point to lcd_epg.sh instead of /var/plugins/lcd_epg.sh
- Removed /var/tuxbox/config/commando.conf as it is obsolete
- Added Guildford NTL (00003 643000 6887) to setmylocation.conf
- Updated standby.on / standby.off not to relying on operations
- Renamed "Informationens" to "Information" --> english.local
- Renamed "Temperatur" to "Temperature" --> english.local
- Renamed "Standby timeout" to "Standby Timeout" --> english.local
- Renamed "Write cache HDD" to "Write Cache HDD" --> english.local
- Commented standby.conf
- Updated avia.conf with English comments
- IDE Menu FIX - neutrino does not crash when you go to the HDD Menu
- Updated /etc/issue.net and reformatted colors
- Updated logo-fb
- Moved /var/bin to the first PATH so that whatever is placed in there will be read insted of /bin
- Updated /etc/init.d/start to execute *camd insted of /var/bin/emu/*camd
- Removed /var/bin/emu/*camd symlinks
- Updated "Extra Menu" to execute *camd insted of /var/bin/emu/*camd
- Updated setmylocation.conf to execute setmylocationops insted of /var/plugins/setmylocationops
- Moved /var/plugins/setmylocationops to /bin
- Moved /var/tuxbox/config/ide_init.sh to /var/etc/init.d/ide_init
- Updted rcS to use /var/etc/init.d/ide_init insted of /var/tuxbox/config/ide_init.sh
- Moved bmps.tar.Z, swisstime and tuxwetter from /var/plugins/ to /lib/tuxbox/plugins/
- Updated /lib/tuxbox/plugins/tuxwetter to read from /lib/tuxbox/plugins/ insted of /var/plugins/
- Updated /lib/tuxbox/plugins/tuxwetter.so to use /lib/tuxbox/plugins/tuxwetter
- zapit descriptors now renames channels e.g. smv_9 = Sky Movies 9
- SIsections now relinks working channels to EPG
- Updated /var/etc/versions
- Reformated setmylocation.conf and changed Irvine OM to Irvine SM (6952 42648 314000)
- Updated start_automount
- Added samba client support
- Created /etc/init.d/smb_lauch to automatically mount shares if .smbfs is available
- Updated rcS to read /var/etc/.smbfs
- Added Samba Client Auto-Start to "Boot Opptions"
- Moved /etc/init.d/start to /var/etc/init.d/start so people that wish to modify it can
- Removed /var/etc/init.d/start from start as start has moved to /var

- Renamed "Enable standby" to "Enable Standby" --> english.local
- Added LCD Menu and Added to Customize Menu
- Added TeleText (tuxtxt)
- Updated UPnP Browser
- Renamed "LC-Display" to "LCD Settings" --> english.local
- Updated cdkVcInfo
- Added reloadchannels, reloadplugins, restart neutrino and ucodechecker to
Customize Menu
- Removed unused symlinc /ucode/ucode.bin -> /var/tuxbox/ucodes/ucode_0014.bin
- lcd_show_volume = 3 by default
- Added 3d Icons to /share/tuxbox/neutrino/icons/3d/ (save space in /var)

- Fixed DST issue
- Redid /ect/init.d/rcS
- Fixed /ect/init.d/start to use /var/bin/emu/* so users can use their own
version if they wish
- Fixed Boot/Start Time
- Fixe Shutdown Time

<_>-<_>-<_>-<| F E A T U R E S |>-<_>-<_>-<_>

- zapit now uses the correct channel name on some channels that where screwed
- sectionsd now maps the correct EPG to the relevent renamed channel
- /var now has well over 1.1M free space :)
- Samba Mount has arrived to enable it add "Samba Client Auto-Start" in the
"Boot and Driver Options" then modify /etc/init.d/smb_lauch to use your
share and username/password

- 3D Icons "Buttons" (Place them in /var/tuxbox/icons/)
mkdir -p /var/tuxbox/icons/
ln -sf /share/tuxbox/neutrino/icons/3d/blau.raw /var/tuxbox/icons/blau.raw
ln -sf /share/tuxbox/neutrino/icons/3d/gelb.raw /var/tuxbox/icons/gelb.raw
ln -sf /share/tuxbox/neutrino/icons/3d/gruen.raw /var/tuxbox/icons/gruen.raw
ln -sf /share/tuxbox/neutrino/icons/3d/rot.raw /var/tuxbox/icons/rot.raw

- New Boot Animation (You can disable this via "Driver / Boot Options" Menu
or use your own ani by placing it as /var/tuxbox/boot/custom.ani)
- sectionsd now reads time from stream and does not does not rely on profiles.
- Added IDE menu to the main menu with 4 partition support as well as dual
HDD support (NOTE: Only IDE users get ide modules loaded into the kernel,
freeing memory for non IDE users)
- Added switch to disable boot up sound. (You can disable this via "Driver /
Boot Options" Menu or use your own ani by placing it as
- Added ntp0.cam.ac.uk time server (You can enable this via "Driver / Boot
Options" Menu)
- Added local rcS for jffs2 - /var/etc/init.d/rcS.local
- Added local start for jffs2 - /var/etc/init.d/start.local
- yWeb - logos
- Extra Menu
- Menu Personalization (You can TOTALY customise the main menu of neutrino)
- sudoku game included

<_>-<_>-<_>-<| O T H E R |>-<_>-<_>-<_>

- Please note the Boot / Driver Options you can customise this for quicker
start up times.
- LCD EPG does work, DO NOT DISABLE NHTTPD if you wish to use LCD_EPG and
after 1'st boot it could take up to 1min to collect all the EPG info.
- No ***'s
- No Keys

***NOTE: root password is set to commando

If you feel you need to post this image elsewhere please do not post ****
with this image as we will not support illegal software!