View Full Version : Fatman Image [FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS ]

04-05-2008, 12:30 AM
this image has only been re-uploaded to this site as it is a FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS , and vetted by WOD Mods
no help will be given to make this image clear Encrypted channels
Lastest image by me
available in 1x and 2x
Heres "Fatman"
Fixed Blue button menu
Fixed infobar spelling mistook
Fixed Bouqet editor
Defualt theme is Blue
Includes 7 day epg thanks to freddy frog
No keys or Roms in this image,, I have seen the light
thanks to the testers, for helping me get this right this time
PaphrosAL, SS, renwicth,
and thanks to the tuxbox'rs