View Full Version : Pacino V3 2x [FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS ]

17-02-2008, 12:18 PM
this image has only been re-uploaded to this site as it is a FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS , and vetted by WOD Mods
no help will be given to make this image clear Encrypted channels

ok here it is the big writeup
with thanks to nj2006 and the testers
please read as i do not want people to post when the answer is here already
Zapit - For fast scan to work you must enter your area as follows:
goto service menu - set my location and choose your area follow the onscreen promps
thanks to all testers that has tested this image cheers lads without you there is no image
HARDWARE SETTINGS, Ucode Selection, via the pacino extras menu
for sagem and for nokia it has been tested on both
all uk bouquets already installed
all new 3d colours on menus
This image has been Created for educational
purposes only.The creators and testers do
not encourage or condone the illegal viewing
of cable tv. It is a criminal offence to
connect any modified equipment to a cable feed
with the intention of receiving free