View Full Version : Njlworld V6.1 [FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS ]

10-01-2008, 09:58 PM
this image has only been re-uploaded to this site as it is a FTA image containig no ROMS or KEYS , and vetted by WOD Mods
no help will be given to make this image clear Encrypted channels

Built using the latest cvs.
set my location in Neutrino
new all in wonder v2 ish menu
support for gbox, evocamd,mgcamd
hdd interface menu (still no hdd files but you can free space and put them in )
yweb 2.7.1 alpha
contians no roms or keys
Thanks to the usual ukdevs that help this image happen.
Feedback in the usual place please.