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18-10-2007, 01:20 AM
i have a chiped ps2 and laser was playing up tryed cleaning it no good tryed adjusting it with little white cog no good thi is what i did before and it solved the prob so i thout o well its fecked but kids being kids pestered me becouse all there faverate games are backups so aha i thout i will take laser out of there other ps2 and swap it over now this is where it all whent wrong part of the probem is that im out of my head on diazapam and pain killers and the other part was didnt have a clue what i was doing so tokk both ps2s apart and managed to pull nearly all the ribbons out verry tricky to get back in when your stoned when i got them back together notaced both drives where diferrent so swaped them back and just tookm lasers out and swaped them no difference but when i took the lasers apart i dint mark the cogs on the one that worked this one has 2 cogs and a spring clip holding it in place the other has one and a black screew so put them both back to gether and am now left with 2 broken ps2s lol oh and i some how managed to feck the disc draw up it will eject but not close and if i push it shut it dosnt lift the wheel the disc sits on

now if you can fathom out what ive just said and can help that would be grate
cheers stacey

ps if you cant its becouse im smashe dout my face

18-10-2007, 01:57 AM
google is your friend
there are several sites that will provide you with the details
just search for ps2 repair or WHY
else i have a few links.


20-10-2007, 01:21 AM
i had the same probs i googled it and found out how to fix mine i took off the lense. ttok the rod out oiled it blew out with airbrush and it has worked fine ever since u will find diagram too

20-10-2007, 01:33 AM
its possible to have blown drive chip on motherboard its at the back and ther is a small fuse next it it faulty 2 ive done the same thing put wrong laser in it and it blown fuse and made it faulty 2