View Full Version : Fantastic free online game Tribes 2

17-09-2007, 08:02 PM
I got into this game a few years ago and i still love it now.
Excellent graphics and game play FPS.
Check out this free demo which has been working for years and no time limit.
You have access to aircraft....go on bombing missions all sorts.
There is so much to this game for up to 64 players....i got the full version and was addicted to it for 2 years.
There are even mods for the game where the objective is to build things high in the sky.
Download The demo for free and try it....you dont even need the full game really

Tribes 2 Demo - Tribes 2 Video Game Download Files - Yahoo! Video Games (http://videogames.yahoo.com/predownload?eid=328407)

If you like online fps i think you'll like this!!!

And yes i am a big kid at heart lol

This game used to run fine on an old nvidea 64mb graphics card and runs fine on my lappy.Does have a few issues with unhandled exception errors