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08-06-2007, 11:48 PM
I've been watching this for a while and it looks like its not a fake and is quiet well underway.


Well it wasn't our first intention to do this, but it looks like we will be splitting ways with the app running behind GC-Linux. I allowed an old friend to "tinker" with our app last week and it seems he knew more about GC homebrew than we imagined. In just under 6 days he has completely ported the app into pure GC Dev. I just tested a barebones build of his work and what did I find? It works BEAUTIFULLY!

He has completely overhauled my decoder thus opening it upto full potential. The video/audio could not be better given the hardware provided by the system.

With this giant leap forward, unfortunatly we take a few steps back. Since the app is no longer running behind linux the controls, region and subtitle support will have to be re-writen. Although this seems like alot of work, it really should pan out quite smoothly.

Since all this has put me in such a great mood, I have decided NOT to pre-release this app to any modchip manufacture. This meens that when it's ready, everyone will have free and unrestricted access to the app and it's source.


Its plays DVD's via the gamecube homebrew so a modded wii IS NEEDED!!! but its still looking promosing..

Source psx-scene.com

10-06-2007, 12:59 PM


still in development phase, but have tested a couple canidates with good results.

Support currently includes:
- 4.7G DVD Media (-r, +r, +rw, and of course "originals")
- Region Free
- Multi-Language Subtitle Support

looking better than the current dvd on the wii ;) lol

30-06-2007, 06:48 PM
well its still on schedule

Posted yesterday from wiivision @ psx-scene.com

Looks like were still on schedule. If for any reason we think we won't be ready next weekend, we'll update here right away.

i'll keep peeps updated here ;)

15-08-2007, 05:01 AM
Was it just a hoax? I didn't hear of any DVD player on othe forums. The only way is to run a server on your PC and watch in the browser.

02-10-2007, 01:34 PM
well this guy never came back but someone else developed it and it works ok still has a few bugs but it does work non theless..


The advantage of using this creator is that it uses a firmware 3.0 compatible disc header and it allows you to fill the disc with .divx, .mp3, .mpg etc.

get it here

RapidShare:Wii DVD player (http://rs219.rapidshare.com/files/50706775/mfe_disc_creator_1.1.zip)

- Boots directly into MFE
- Uses a Firmware 3.0 compatible disc header
- Should work on all modchips. May need to turn of regionpatching on WiiFree as can break GC games and homebrew.
- Dual Layer support if the modchip supports it (yaosm 1.8, CycloWiz 3.5, Wiinja v.2 and latest Wiinja Deluxe upgrade)
- Plays DVD movies (press "Z", swap disc, press "Start")

Buttons (Playing media)
Start - Pause/Play
A - Pause/Play
B - Stop
L - Rewind
Left - Rewind
Down - Rewind
R - Fast Forward
Right - Fast Forward
Up - Fast Forward
X - Toggle Subtitles

Details from here