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15-05-2007, 06:23 PM
New Ninty style block gives your hub extra life and an all new look.
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We're like crystal..we don't break easy. [more images]
Brando has come up with an all new idea for jazzing up your Wii, and it doesn?t involve lashing out on a stack of new games.
The Crystal Cooler looks the business and chills your console to boot, thanks to its built in fan. Rumour has it that this?ll add life to your world-beating hub as well as making it look the bees knees.
The new stand will only hit your wallet for a measly $19.99 (that?s ?10 in real money) and will give you the edge over your Ninty loving mates. Now all you need to do as grab a copy of Mario Strikers and you?re made for the summer.