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11-05-2007, 05:07 PM
I want to buy a Nintendo Wii for my two boys. So what else do I need besides what comes in the box so that they can play games together and against each other without fighting for the controllers all the time!

Where is the cheapest package for me?

11-05-2007, 06:45 PM
For both of your sons to play against each other, you will need to buy another controller.

You can get Wii console and Wii sports and a choice of 3 other games for ?249.99. They are new games that you get with it but it depends on the age of your two sons.

Gamestation :: Discount (To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. To buy an extra Cordless Controller it will cost ?29.99. If it doesnt need to be cordless then it will cost around ?14.99.

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11-05-2007, 06:52 PM
you will aslo need to buy 2 nanchucks cause there are a few specially the boxing one (by the way which is gr8 fun ) requires the nanchuck

11-05-2007, 08:34 PM
gotta say gamestation are good thats where the missis got mine from but for the extra controller see here


does work but here is a little extra tip if you need more remotes buy them with wiiplay(?32.99) (with free remote) and then flog wiiplay GAME on ebay you will get aprox ?20 for it lol might have come down but with delivery a few months ago i got ?23 lol plus the remote and so so the remote worked out at ?10 lol

Also the gamecube pads Gamestation stores are doing BOGOF on GC pads just paid ?4.99 for 2 pads gonna get another set next week hndy for playing gamcube games or clasics on the wii but This is only at dewsbury i carnt confirm other stores :(

13-05-2007, 10:23 PM
Where do I buy nanchucks from? I assume they don't come with the console or with wiiplay

13-05-2007, 10:26 PM
you get one with the console, and can buy them from any game store or asda, tesco etc

13-05-2007, 10:30 PM
Game station have them for ?14.99

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