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10-05-2007, 09:37 PM
Big Brain Academy mde its way to the wii and rumors are it will use yor mii's and wiiconnect24

Big Brain Academy looks to be making the jump from DS to Wii with a bit of flare. There's no news on the single-player mode yet, although we can venture a guess that it will be similar to the DS version. We had a chance to go hands-on with multiplayer at the Game Developers Conference today, which was multi-multiplayer, since two remotes were used as two teams, with hand-offs every couple of games. The demo we played was set up for eight.
After we competed in minigames designed to test our different faculties, Dr. Lobe, the freaky peanut, returned to the screen and announced the score. In addition to the tasks we've seen before, a few new ones were featured. One had us comparing a set of four animations depicting, say, a doll falling off a dresser, or a helicopter flying through a city, and selecting (using the Wii Remote as a pointer) the one that was slightly different. Other tasks were questions about a series of photographs. For example, "Which item doesn't have fins (the onion and the rocket)?" or "Which is bigger (bicycle beats apple, ftw!)?"
We also completed some train tracks, which required a bit of mental spatial finagling, as did matching spinning Rubix cube-like objects. Searching with a flashlight to confirm whether there were more frogs than other little creatures was pretty fun as well.
Busting your brain with friends is always better than cranking away by yourself, so this seems to be a perfect crossover for the Wii.
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