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27-04-2007, 03:46 PM
I thought it would be better to post the new version here.
You can now overwrite the display-channel tag of the generated XMLTV file to match your current Dbox channel name.
There is therefore a new block in the ini file called Channels eg:

; if you would like to overwrite the XMLTV display name so that it matches your Dbox channel listing:
; XMLTV_channelID="Your Dbox name"
south.bbc1.bbc.co.uk="BBC 1 London"
;bbc_hd="Bla bla"

I put it after the Bleep block.
Also, I'm not using bouquets.xml anymore but services.xml so there are a couple of variables that have changed if you would like to keep your existing ini file.
DBOX_bouquet is now DBOX_service
and bouquets in [Dbox] is now services
The good news is that you no longer need the regular expression at the bottom. It's probably easier to get the fresh ini file from this release and just put your settings again though.
Let me know in the main Dbox section if this script doesn't work for you!

People should read http://world-of-digital.com/forums/f54/info-enable-more-than-24h-epg-13309.html#post74436 first and follow pt-1 instructions to set their dbox!

29-04-2007, 03:30 PM
Hi there,

New version to fix a bug when choosing to get the services.xml file via FTP + you can now use FTP to upload the generated files directly to the Dbox.
I've therefore added an epg_dir= option under the [Dbox] block... and just set output_dir=ftp to use the facility.

I'm just putting the script and the ini files now so that the download is a bit smaller! Download a previsou version if you'd like some test some XMLTV data and services.xml files.

09-10-2007, 06:33 PM
I reopened this thread - hope it's OK
Here's a new version that works directly from the dbox (you'll need a hard drive/NAS).
it's still very experimental and it's more a proof of concept rather than a working script at the moment! You will need 2 libraries that you can copy in a folder called /hdd/lib.
The scripts stops sectionsd so that the EPG is not conflicting (it duplicates entries) with the generated XML files... but you can just reboot your box to put everything back to normal - or by doing

sectionsdcontrol --nopause;sectionsdcontrol --freemem

if you feel motivated.

or if you want to test the xml files and sectionsd at the same time

sectionsdcontrol --nopause

to resume sectionsd... but it can look ugly although you'll get back EPG on channels that are not in the bleb listing

That could help people having problems with sky epg... as this is downloaded straight from the bleb website with my script.
Feel free to comment - I put a readme file to help.. reading the original thread might help too (see 1st post)!