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19-02-2007, 03:16 PM
Well First .. i'll belive it when i see it but im gonna hold a few more weeks for a chip ;)


19-2-06 - After only launching the WiiXT website yesterday, we have received an abundance of emails asking various questions, as well as getting coverage on sites such as Engadget and Maxconsole. Many have gladly embraced our arrival on the scene while others have been labeling the WiiXT as "Clearly Fake". Lets clear a few things up.

* The chip is fake as it's features cannot be achieved with a simple DVD Drive Hack. - The WiiXT IS NOT, just a "simple drive hack", it is MUCH more complex and not just using the leaked hex which is being used by other Wii Modchips.

* ShortUrl?, Gmail Address? - Please take note that we are saving as much money as we can to get these chips produced, we don't have our own proper domain name or even our own hosting ( We are in no way affiliated with w0mb13.net ). Hell, we've even got Google Ads at the bottom!

* 128MB Firmware chip!, yeah right! - Nowhere on this site have we said that "firmware chip" meant ROM or NAND flash, use your heads.

* Can the WiiXT run any region import games and not just any region backups? - Yes, though booting imports will toggle stealth mode off.

* Will installing this chip render any future games with online modes useless? - Can the chip be rendered useless with a nintendo firmware update? - No. As far as we know, the chip will work fine with any online games released in the future and the chip itself cannot be rendered useless with a nintendo firmware update.

* I'd like to resell / buy / sample the WiiXT - Currently we do not have the funds to start production, understand that we have bricked countless Wii's working on this chip, and buying more Wii's can be very hard due to the lack of supply. When we are nearing a set release date, there will be more information for resellers and samplers on this site.

18-2-06 - The WiiXT Website is finally up and running. We'll start the first news update by answering a few questions that we have been getting from Wii owners eager to get their dirty little hands on a WiiXT Modchip.

* Does the WiiXT have a disable function? - Yes. This is done using the WiiXT Usb Dongle.

* WiiXT Usb Dongle?, What the hell is that? - The WiiXT Usb Dongle plugs into the Wii's usb port and will ship with the modchip. It has 4 switches that communicate with the WiiXT, to Disable/Enable the chip, Boot in upgrade mode, Reflash WiiXT Firmware, and one programmable switch which can be assigned a function via the Chip menu.

* Tell me about this "Chip Menu" - The Chip menu is allot like a Pc Bios menu, through the Chip Menu you can tweak various settings and launch the WiiXT DVD Movie Player. The Chip Menu is completely user customizable and skinnable.

* So I can play DVD Movies with the WiiXT Installed? - Yes, you will also be glad to know that the built in DVD player is region free.

* Can I Play any region Wii and Gamecube Backups? - Yes, Region free mode is enabled when you insert the WiiXT Usb Dongle.

* Explain the "Boot Any Virtual Console Games" Function. - This function allows you to run virtual console games downloaded from any Wii.

* Quicksolder? So the chip is easy to install? - Unfortunately no. The quicksolder points only control the Drive hacks, 4 additional wires need to be soldered into other areas of the console to enable the USB dongle's functionality.

* When will the chip be available for purchase?, How much will it cost? - Hopefully we can manage a rollout of the chip sometime within the next 3 months, once we have the funds to start mass production, you will know about it. At the moment we are aiming to have the chip reach consumers at a price of around $64.95 USD (includes dongle), though this is subject to change.

* I have a question which has not be answered here. - No problem, send an email to To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. and your questions will be posted on this site.

Seams too good to be true but we will wait and see?

but one thing unlike the othre fake mods there atleast giving a answer to the questions.. well fingers crossed and wii will see.