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31-01-2007, 12:53 PM
It uses bluetooth to transfer Mii's to your remote and visa versa ;)

Good if you dont have a network

I found these



not sure i want my daugthers Mii near that lol

Introducing The NEW Mii Mega-Mall 2.0!
If you love Mii, download this now!

One thing almost every Nintendo Wii owner has in common is an overwhelming attraction to Mii characters. Mii sharing is huge, but the mechanism that Nintendo has provided for exchanging Mii is clunky and slow. That's where we come in. Utilizing the brilliant MiiTransfer technology, we have built the first and only integrated solution to Mii sharing. That solution is the Mii Mega-Mall.

Now, instead of having to exchange console numbers and register with each other, you can use the Internet to share and exchange Miis. The Mii Mega-Mall is a single, streamlined approach that allows just that. It provides a single access-point, with a unified, consistent interface for sharing and retrieving Mii over the Internet.

Everything that you need is included. It features Image

* Mii Preview -New
* Image Uploading -New
* Rating System -New
* Community Policing -New
* Column Sorting -New
* Built-in RSS capabilities
* Download Mii from the Mega-Mall
* Multiple simultaneous downloads
* Transfer downloaded Mii to your wiimote (using Bluetooth)
* Copy Mii from your wiimote to your PC (using Bluetooth)
* Upload your own Mii to the Mii Mega-Mall to share with others