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  3. dose anyone have a windows mobile read this
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  16. Windows Phone 8 revealed, will share apps with Windows 8
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  21. Microsoft to shut down Windows Mobile app store
  22. Sony to launch Windows Phones
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  24. Nokia building 41-megapixel phone with Windows 8?
  25. Nokia makes Lumia 610 its first Windows Phone with NFC
  26. Nokia Lumia can't fight iPhone and Android, say networks
  27. Samsung to launch Windows Phone 8 'Apollo' based phones in October
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  29. Skype app for Windows Phone released
  30. Nokia to offer more mobile apps for Lumia phones
  31. Windows Phone could steal the show by 2016
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  33. Windows Phone 7 Users Can't Upgrade to WP8
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  35. Nokia to unveil windows phone 8 devices on september 5
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  38. Update 7.5 Gone Live
  39. Reason to Switch
  40. Nokia starts rolling out Windows Phone 7.8
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  42. Need cheap way or free to unlock NOKIA LUMIA 520??
  43. WPAppPatcher v1.20b
  44. Nokia 'paid blackmail hackers millions'
  45. Microsoft finally starts updating Lumia devices to Windows Phone 8.1