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  1. DARPA Wants an Autonomous Drone That Can Do Dirty Work on the Ocean Floor
  2. The Polar Vortex Looks Absolutely Chilling From Space
  3. Chinese tech company Huawei bringing faster internet to rural B.C., officials deny se
  4. First Hacker Convicted of 'SIM Swapping' Attack Gets 10 Years in Prison
  5. Cryptocurrency Firm Loses $145 Million After CEO Dies With Only Password
  6. Malaysia Blocks 246 Sites to Tackle Pirate Set-Top Box Epidemic
  7. U.S. Govt Seeks Public Comments on Pirate Site Blocking and ISP Liability
  8. Brussels orders recall of 'risky' children's smartwatch
  9. Android Phones Can Get Hacked Just by Looking at a PNG Image
  10. How to Delete Accidentally Sent Messages, Photos on Facebook Messenger
  11. New MIT Laser Device Whispers Secret Sounds Into Your Ear
  12. Carriers were selling your location data to bounty hunters for years
  13. Article 13 Moves Forward With French-German Deal
  14. UK ISPs sent roughly a million email notifications to subscribers whose connections .
  15. Indian Government Approves Prison Sentences For ‘Cam’ Pirates
  16. Music Industry Asks EU to Scrap Article 13
  17. Article 13 Negotiations Move Ahead, Artists Slam Labels For Disrespecting Them
  18. Watch a Space Junk Harpoon Complete a Successful Test Shot
  19. Call to ban killer robots in wars
  20. EU Commission Portrays “Article 13” Opponents as a Misled and Misinformed Mob
  21. These Android apps have been tracking you, even when you say stop
  22. Army to Buy $39.6 Million Worth of Pocket-Sized Drones
  23. A Navy Ship Sailed to Hawaii and Back With No One on Board
  24. Your Next Car Could Have Airbags That Inflate on the Outside
  25. Samsung stops releasing Blu-ray players in the US
  26. UK will track thousands of criminals with GPS tags
  27. Great white shark genome has been sequenced, revealing clues to longevity and cancer
  28. Marijuana legalization is not associated with higher teenage use, new study claims
  29. First human gene therapy surgery attempts to halt common form of vision loss
  30. DNA tags in the brain found to help erase fear memories
  31. Canadian ISP Teksavvy Wins Appeal in Defense of Accused ‘Pirating’ Subscribers
  32. Piracy Is Driven By Availability & Price, People Prefer Not to Break the Law, ISP Stu
  33. Hulu and YouTube's live TV services are small, but growing fast
  34. Amazon is reportedly planning a new, low-cost grocery chain
  35. Lyft officially files to go public
  36. ‘OK Google’ will no longer fully unlock your phone
  37. Court Sanctions Anti-Piracy Lawyer for “Willful Disobedience”
  38. Anti-Piracy Company Offers Advertising Deal to ‘Pirate’ Sites
  39. The Interesting Double Standards in the Piracy World
  40. US could soon end mass phone surveillance program exposed by Snowden
  41. House Democrats will introduce bill to reinstate net neutrality rules
  42. New AI makes it harder to detect what's real online
  43. 'I feel cheated': Big telcos hike prices for $60 plans with 10 GB, sparking complaint
  44. Breakthrough process welds metal and glass together using ultrafast lasers
  45. Modular system stops anti-tank rockets
  46. Shark's bristling scales make it faster, and may help make planes faster too
  47. Koenigsegg Jesko pushes the combustion "megacar" towards its absolute limit, targetin
  48. The Speeder: Jetpack Aviation opens pre-orders on jet powered flying motorcycle
  49. Aston Martin goes mid-engine mad at Geneva
  50. Pininfarina Battista unveiled: 1,900-horsepower electric hypercar is an absolute stun
  51. Rightsholders Can’t Sue Without a Copyright Certificate, Supreme Court Rules
  52. New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Found Actively Exploited in the Wild
  53. A cyber war has started and Canada isn't ready to fight it, says report
  54. DARPA Wants to Turn Sea Life Into a Giant Submarine Detection Network
  55. Watch Salvagers Raise a Sunken Norwegian Frigate
  56. Legged micro-robots designed to walk within the body
  57. MIT's "DOLPHIN" could spot tiny tumors for early cancer detection
  58. Hands-free flight with EEGSmart's mind-controlled UDrone
  59. Pneumatic robotic hand has a soft touch, and a willingness to learn
  60. Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie combat drone makes maiden flight
  61. Hennessey VelociRaptor goes Jurassic with the Ford Ranger
  62. Bugatti's one-off La Voiture Noire is the world's most expensive new car
  63. Horrifying Slovakian "Superquad" puts an 850-horsepower V10 motor in a quad bike
  64. Watch a Russian Jet Fighter Intercept a U.S. Air Force Spy Plane
  65. New Gargantuan Internet-Beaming Drone Aims to Succeed Where All Others Have Failed
  66. Elizabeth Warren pledges to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon
  67. Island women help design new life jacket with GPS tracking technology
  68. Weed firms are using Instagram influencers to dodge regulations
  69. As more people get online, it'll be impossible to ignore injustices
  70. How to cut the cost of your mobile phone bill and call your friends overseas [Can]
  71. How to Enable Dark Mode Nearly Everywhere ..It's Available Right Now
  72. IBM's AI blood test could help with early Alzheimer's detection
  73. The US arrests alleged leader of $3.7 billion cryptocurrency pyramid scheme
  74. The NYPD is using a new pattern recognition system to help solve crimes
  75. BEWARE – New 'Creative' Phishing Attack You Really Should Pay Attention To
  76. Windows 10 Now Automatically Uninstalls Updates That Cause Problems
  77. Here's everything you need to know about today's wireless spectrum auction — and[Can]
  78. Don't fear killer robots, says US Army
  79. Get ready for targeted ads on your smart TV
  80. Microsoft's phone-screen mirroring beta hits Windows 10 this week
  81. Senate bill proposes stricter privacy controls for children
  82. PayPal opens instant bank transfers in the US
  83. Firefox Send — Free Encrypted File Transfer Service Now Available For All
  84. Patched WinRAR Bug Still Under Active Attack—Thanks to No Auto-Updates
  85. Fingerprint reading cards raise the limit on contactless payments
  86. Lockheed's LTE-over-Satellite comms system turns cellphones into sat phones
  87. Microsoft is testing Skype group calls for up to 50 people
  88. Scammers Use Fake Copyright Notices to Steal Instagram Accounts
  89. FCC wants to help identify the floor a 911 call is coming from
  90. The U.S. Navy Wants To Build a “Ghost Fleet” of Drone Warships
  91. ISP Grande Loses Safe Harbor Over ‘Utter Failure’ to Terminate Pirating Customers
  92. Over 80 Percent of Spear Phishing Attacks Involve Brand Impersonation, Security Firm
  93. Google browser vulnerability could have let hackers steal personal data
  94. Online polygraph separates truth from lies using just text-based cues
  95. Airbus drones deliver first packages to ships offshore
  96. Corn-based lacquer heals its scratches when heated
  97. Super potent, high-THC marijuana associated with increased rates of psychosis
  98. Microsoft Announces Windows Defender ATP Antivirus for Mac
  99. The U.S. Will Get the World's First Exascale Computer in 2021
  100. Anti Article 13 Petition Signed by Five Million People
  101. Sikorsky-Boeing SB>1 Defiant helicopter makes maiden flight
  102. Ares brings back the De Tomaso Pantera - complete with pop-up headlights
  103. Lazareth's transforming, flying motorcycle demonstrates a stable hover
  104. ISPs: We’re Definitely Not the Internet Police, Until We Decide We Should Be
  105. The U.S. Remains Top Traffic Source For Pirate Sites, Research Shows
  106. Music Companies Sue ISP Bright House for Failing to Disconnect Pirates
  107. ADIFO: The hyper-agile, omnidirectional, supersonic flying saucer
  108. Robotic "particles" swarm together to move towards the light
  109. Medtronic's Implantable Defibrillators Vulnerable to Life-Threatening Hacks
  110. After Christchurch, we need more than digital-security theater
  111. France Plans to Add ‘Article 13’ to New Anti-Piracy Law This Summer
  112. Will Piracy-Focused Torrent & Streaming Sites Be Affected by Article 13/17?
  113. Grizzly the Rugged Tank Robot That Could Carry a Soldier’s Stuff
  114. It Took 467,854 Lego Bricks to Build This McLaren Senna
  115. Facebook axed its bird-size internet drones before they even flew
  116. Russia’s shotgun-firing drone is designed to shoot down enemy drones
  117. Cuba signs deal with Google to connect to modern internet
  118. Former Pirate Party Leader Asks to Be Sued Over EBook Site, Has Wish Granted
  119. Canadian ISPs: Standardize Copyright Notices, Fine & Defeat Trolls
  120. Researchers designed a shape-shifting airplane wing
  121. What If We Blew Up All The World’s Nukes at Once?
  122. LA County is using an algorithm to clear 50,000 pot convictions faster
  123. New real-time tracking system locates planes anywhere in the world
  124. Former Mozilla CTO files complaint against border patrol over warrantless phone searc
  125. Facebook Caught Asking Some Users Passwords for Their Email Accounts
  126. Journalist explains the promises and failures of high-tech policing
  127. Australia's new law threatens social media companies with jail, fines
  128. House Judiciary panel to grill Google and Facebook on hate speech
  129. After just 20 hours of training, Wayve's fast-learning AI car is already driving itse
  130. Toyota offers free access to over 20 years of electric vehicle patents
  131. 540 Million Facebook User Records Found On Unprotected Amazon Servers
  132. Cyber-attacks 'damage' national infrastructure
  133. UK Readies Crackdown on Social Networks for Enabling Terrorism, Child Abuse, and Sel
  134. 5G is still just hype for AT&T and Verizon
  135. Wrongfully Accused ‘Pirate’ Wants Copyright Holder to Pay Her Bills
  136. Freeloading Kodi Add-On Users Are Undermining RapidVideo
  137. Operators of Three Pirate Sites Face Prison & $560 Million in Damages
  138. T-Mobile Blocks 22 ‘Pirate’ Domains as Net Neutrality Concerns Persist
  139. Reddit’s /r/Piracy is Deleting Almost 10 Years of History to Avoid Ban
  140. ‘Pirate Sites and Copyright Holders Can Both Profit From Advertising’
  141. Microsoft says FCC data on improved broadband coverage is misleading
  142. Firefox will soon protect you against crypto-mining scripts
  143. The EU releases guidelines to encourage ethical AI development
  144. The reality of pollution kills your dream of a flying car
  145. Starship's robo-couriers have completed 50,000 deliveries
  146. SpaceX nails triple rocket landing following Falcon Heavy's first commercial launch
  147. Israel's Beresheet Moon landing mission ends in failure
  148. FCC announces 5G airwave auction and $20 billion rural broadband fund [US]
  149. An algorithm is attempting to block drug deals at UK WiFi kiosks
  150. Silk Road 2 founder sentenced five years after the site was shut down
  151. EU Council of Ministers Approves Copyright Directive, Including Article 17 (13)
  152. Movie Companies Target Showbox ‘Pirate’ Sites in US Court
  153. U.S. Set-Top Box Warning Could Apply to Large Numbers of Streaming Pirates
  154. US Govt and Rightsholders Want WHOIS Data Accessible Again, to Catch Pirates
  155. Birdcage Boxer, featuring a titanium lattice frame and a mystery BMW motor
  156. 400-Nm Essence e-Raw redefines two-wheeled lunacy
  157. World’s largest plane completes maiden flight
  158. Lockheed system gives V-280 Valor tiltrotor pilots 360-degree vision
  159. AVX and L3 unveil design for US Army's Future Attack/Reconnaissance Aircraft
  160. Movie Studios Are Suing Canadian BitTorrent Users, But That’s Nothing New
  161. Huge Video-Hosting Site Openload Stops Paying Uploaders
  162. CRISPR used to build dual-core computers inside human cells
  163. Boston Dynamics celebrates looming commercial sales by towing a truck with 10 robo-do
  164. Robot news presenter causes a stir on Russian TV
  165. Hacking 'hero' Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to US malware charges
  166. This is what happens to the e-waste you drop off for recycling
  167. Omniverse Wants “Scandalous” Claims Removed From ACE’s Piracy Lawsuit
  168. ACE Sees “Piracy Reduction” Efforts Pay Off, But Work is Not Done Yet
  169. Streaming services will eclipse TV subscribers in 2020, report predicts
  170. California Eyes Ban on Contracts With All Tech Companies That Work With ICE
  171. How to Reset Any iPhone or Android Device
  172. Departing a US Airport? Your Face Will Be Scanned
  173. Teenager sues Apple for $1bn after facial recognition led to false arrest
  174. 'State Snaps' founder convicted over armed plot to steal a domain name
  175. Facebook Could Be Fined Up To $5 Billion Over Privacy Violations
  176. Congress Asks Google 10 Questions On Its Location Tracking Database
  177. Chrome 74 Adds Dark Mode and a Stronger Incognito Mode
  178. Alta Devices' new HALE solar product could help flying phone towers take off
  179. Wing becomes first company awarded FAA certification to begin drone deliveries in the
  180. Brain implant developed that turns brain signals into synthesized speech
  181. Success in first phase of human trials for colorectal cancer vaccine
  182. Nikola unveils its WAV electric personal watercraft
  183. Phoenix ultra-endurance air vehicle is first to fly like a fish
  184. Premier League & Broadcasters Win Judgment in Landmark Pirate TV Box Case
  185. US Govt Identifies Top Pirate Sites and Other ‘Notorious Markets’
  186. Mobdro Pirate Streaming App Slammed in Malware Report
  187. Victims of Prenda Law ‘Copyright Trolls’ Can Now Register for Restitution
  188. U.S. Places 36 Countries on Annual ‘Piracy Watchlist’
  189. Phone and laptop searches at US border 'quadruple'
  190. Google to 'auto-delete' web tracking history
  191. German arrests as police attack dark web drugs market
  192. Facebook bans 'dangerous individuals'
  193. New “Small Claims” Bill Welcomed by Rightsholders, Feared by Copyright Troll Fighter
  194. Israel Neutralizes Cyber Attack by Blowing Up A Building With Hackers
  195. RIAA Obtains Subpoena to Expose ‘Infringing’ Cloudflare Users
  196. ‘U.S. Hosting Companies Are Most Popular Among Pirate Sites’
  197. Microsoft Edge is getting an Internet Explorer mode
  198. Google may let users limit tracking in Chrome
  199. Hackers stole cash from 100 Amazon sellers in 'serious' fraud
  200. A ransomware attack is holding Baltimore's networks hostage
  201. Ukraine Cyberpolice Raid Pirate Sites, Detain Government Employee
  202. NBA and UFC Urge U.S. Lawmakers to Criminalize Streaming Piracy
  203. MPAA “Dramatically Expanding” ACE Global Anti-Piracy Coalition
  204. Small-city and rural Canadians could lose their free TV
  205. Investigation of QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency debacle turns up $28M in assets
  206. WhatsApp discovers spyware that infected phones through missed calls
  207. US Govt. Seizes Millions in Cash & Crypto in Movie Piracy Case
  208. Judge: Number of ‘Unprovable’ Piracy Cases is Alarmingly High
  209. Smartphone tech shows soldiers where shots are originating
  210. Hummingbird robot could hover, search and rescue
  211. DARPA wants to automate aerial dogfighting with AI wingman
  212. Old versions of Windows get a new patch to stop WannaCry-style attacks
  213. San Francisco bans city use of facial recognition
  214. Facebook unveils a 'one-strike' policy for live streaming violations
  215. New Bio Glue Stops Post-Traumatic Bleeding in Its Tracks
  216. Japan's New Bullet Train Can Hit 224 MPH
  217. Canadian Parliamentary Report Proposes Tough Copyright Measures
  218. 'GozNym' Banking Malware Gang Dismantled by International Law Enforcement
  219. Lilium's full-sized electric jet flies for the first time
  220. AI system grabs the reins of wayward drones
  221. Some Hero Strapped a Camera to a Low-Flying Missile
  222. Bentley Also Happens To Be a Tank
  223. U.S. Police Are Abusing Facial Recognition Technology
  224. Hackers turn tables on account hijackers by stealing forum data
  225. Snapchat employees reportedly snooped on users with 'SnapLion' tool
  226. U.S. Charges WikiLeaks' Julian Assange With Violating Espionage Act
  227. SpaceX just launched a Falcon 9 loaded with Starlink internet satellites
  228. NASA orders the first piece of its lunar outpost
  229. Two-legged robot delivers packages to your door
  230. US Postal Service starts testing self-driving mail trucks
  231. Drone uses swiveling propellor arms to become a robotic car when it hits the ground
  232. DoD awards contracts to create robotic suit that autonomously delivers trauma care
  233. Bell Wants Canada to Criminalize Pirate Streaming Services
  234. Cox Business Subscriber Doesn’t Want Identity Revealed in Piracy Lawsuit
  235. Most of SpaceX's Starlink internet satellites are already on track
  236. Hackers Stole Customers' Credit Cards from 103 Checkers and Rally's Restaurants
  237. US now requires social media info for visa applications
  238. SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Put on a Celestial Show Over the Netherlands
  239. A Drone Captured Video From Inside a Rocket Artillery Barrage
  240. Judge demands Facebook hand over data privacy records
  241. Canadian province will prohibit sale of gas-powered cars by 2040
  242. 986-hp SF90 Stradale, Ferrari's new AWD plug-in hybrid
  243. Volkswagen obliterates Nürburgring electric record by over 40 seconds
  244. This Animated Mona Lisa Was Created by AI, and It Is Terrifying
  245. The U.S Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons
  246. Canadian Copyright Review Rejects Site-Blocking Regime, Keeps Safe Harbors
  247. Amazon to launch streaming video service in Canada designed to mimic cable TV
  248. ‘Netflix’ Flags Netflix.com As a Pirate Site, Or Does It?
  249. FBI reaching out to users of the defunct QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange
  250. Porsche shows off a prototype single-seat hillclimb racer it'll never produce