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Bonus Ball Draw
10:27 PM 18-02-2014

Hey {username} still some left, why not pick up a ticket, help support the forum and a chance for a great prize.

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New Bonus Ball Lottery for a prize of an Octagon SF8 HD (NEW XP1000)
So for 5 thats 5 per ticket you can win this fantastic
Octagon SF8 HD (NEW XP1000) Single Tuner DVB-S2 Enigma2 Linux Satellite Receiver

Introducing the new Octagon SF8 HD, based on the massively popular XP1000 sets new standards in quality, value and amazing features. This new revised model of the XP1000 comes with a new re-designed front panel that has a alphanumeric display. The display shows channel number or current time and has very handy active recording indicator. The display brightness can also be adjusted. This amazing receiver boasts superb FULL HD 1080p crystal clear HD picture quality and fast zapping. The Linux operating system is able to run Enigma 2 based firmware, comes with 1x DVB-S/S2 fixed tuner, 2x CA (card reader), 1x CI (common interface slot) and great networking features. Powered by a 500Mhz Broadcom MIPS CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM and 128MB flash. PVR ready, just add a USB external HDD (not included). Cool fanless silent running with external PSU.

Already massively popular around Europe with firmware support growing fast. Supported officially by OpenPLi, OE-Alliance teams OpenAAF and the ViX Team!
Supports popular Enigma 2 plugins, skins, 7day EPG and more!


Linux Operating System
Multimedia plug-in supported
HDMI up to 1080p
4 digit alphanumeric display with adjustable brightness
Universal Remote conrol, controls many popular brands of TV.*
2 x Smartcard-Reader
1 x Common Interface
1 x USB2.0
USB WiFi Support
100 Mbit Ethernet Interface
Advanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
Full automatic service scan
Various OSD skins supported
Cool silent fanless running
Low deep-standby power consumption under 1 W


500 MHz MIPS CPU BCM 3300 class
512 MB of DDR3 Memory
128 MB NAND Flash memory
Full HDTV PVR Receiver (DVB-S/S2),
H.264 / MPEG4 - HD / SD DVB-S2 tuner
Operating System Linux OS E2
2 x card reader and CI slot
4-digit alphanumeric display
HDMI - output sound and image (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
Optical (SPDIF) output Dolby
USB 2.0 port
HDMI & Scart
Ethernet interface (LAN 10/100Mbps)
Wi-Fi & 3G modem support via USB port
Programmable Universal Remote Control
Program switching less than 1 second
MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer Support
Recording & Time Shifting (* optional)
EPG - Electronic Program Guide
FTP Server Support
Favorite groups for TV and radio
OSD in different languages
unlimited channel list for TV & Radio
Skin Support (different menu interfaces)
Teletext and subtitle support
Multi-LNB support DiSEqC control version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS
1 Watt Deep stand-by consumption
Automatic and manual channel search
UNICABLE & Fast Scan support
SMPS Power Switch & external power supply

Every member is eligible to enter this raffle but none UK residents must contact OUR SPONSOR to check if they have to pay a postage surcharge >>BEFORE YOU ENTER<<

How It Works (rules)

1. There are 49 tickets available costing 5 each
2. When anyone buys a ticket and there payment has cleared, there username will be put against there chosen number at the top of the thread
3. As soon as the 49th ticket is sold the completed list will be posted again at the bottom of the thread and the person matching the number of the bonus ball from the FOLLOWING SATURDAY UK National Lottery Draw, will be notified and your prize will be posted to you.
4. You may buy unlimited amounts of tickets, please include your numbers with payment or post in thread your transaction No and numbers you want..
5. Payment of tickets to be made by paypal instant transfer, any uncleared payments will not be added to the list.

Remember you gotta be in it to win it!!!!!!!

How To Enter

Click on the buy ticket here link below and you will be taken to our donation page.
Select 5 to buy a single ticket or multiples of 5 for amount you wish to buy.
(Can we please ask people who are buying any tickets to pay by gift as we get charged around 40p from paypal for every transaction made !!!!!)
Please check the list of numbers and pick which you want to buy, and include them with your payment (add note) or post transaction ID and numbers in here..
(numbers are allocated 1st come basis, if yours has been previously purchased you will be asked to pick another)


The numbers list will be amended as numbers are sold and names of ticket holders will be added as they are sold ready for the draw.

The item will be sent directly to the winner from our forum sponsor

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Good Luck To Everyone
From The World-of-Digital Team....