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    PSP (2003) Not Starting

    Hi everyone,

    I realise this is outdated as there are no new posts regarding psp's but hoping I can get some help anyway.
    I was playing a game when the low battery warning appeared and before I could recharge the battery went flat and the console obviously crashed. I connected the console to the charger and then when I went to use it the next day it wouldn't power up. What happens is the green power light comes on but the screen remains blank. I have been looking at various solutions for the last couple of weeks and am getting nowhere.

    I have tried the battery out, the memory card out, the disc tray empty, pressing various buttons and combination of buttons as advised on various sites but the console doesnt start. Also when I charge the console the orange charging light comes on but only for so long. Sony web site is not much help at all as there is now very little support for psp available there.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    i'n no expert but maybe trying

    1. remove battery and power cable.
    2. hold the power button continuously for 30-45 seconds to completely discharge the unit
    3. Plug battery back in and try powering up.
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    Thanks for the response, done as you suggested but didn't work but thanks for trying to help

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    I would suggest the battery pack is frucked with age
    if it was still ok and it was the org 2003 battery pacxk
    you've dene very very well.

    buy a new battery pack
    charge it
    should work ok then.

    its nice here....

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