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    new New firmware for starview7 12/5/2011

    This is the very latest firmware for the SV box

    Please use at your own risk WOD do not take any responsibility for this firmware.

    1. Copy the file to your USB pen drive
    2. Install
    3. Restart
    4. Do a factory reset
    5. Scan for channel in your area
    6. When channel scan complete go to a channel and type 1819
    7. Wait a few minutes and connection should be established

    Use at your own risk read the post below
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    attention re sv6 and sv7 new fix 12-05-11

    out today and already not working everywhere not connecting,so dont use it,also be aware of 40-50% of boxes with the older firmware will lose connection while upgrade is been done ,its a must do fix.

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    new showmustgoon firmware 12/05/11now working

    new firmware has now been fixed and will now connect,
    factory reset first
    flash box by usb
    rescan your provider
    power off at rear box modem and router for 30 secs then on
    go to ssp1 and insert 1819
    a few channels not working should be soon.

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